Everyone is welcome to comment on Zaire.  I urge you all to participate in the dialogue and I accept varying viewpoints.  Just follow a few simple rules and you will be free to add to the discussion.

1. No Trolling:  If you feel the need to post inflammatory, off topic comments just to get other commenters riled up this is not the blog for you.  If I notice purposeful derailing of posts(not to be confused with segueing into related topics) offenders will be put on moderation.  If this behavior continues offenders will be banned.

2. No Advertising: Spam will be deleted.  Repeat offenders will be banned.

3. Be respectful:  I am pretty lax about name calling, so long as it doesn’t get out of hand.  You are free to call certain theories, ideals ect stupid or dumb, but please refrain from calling people names/making personal attacks.  It just makes you look petty.  If it is brought to my attention that certain commenters continue to name call and harass others they will be put on moderation.  If the behavior continues offenders will be banned.

4. Dont Repeat Yourself:  Its annoying.  If you are replying to different people it repeating will be accepted to a certain extent.  If I feel you are reiterating points just for the hell of it I will consider you a spammer and you either be placed on moderation or banned.

5. Dont be Afraid:  I welcome dissent.  I want to hear your point of view.  Dont be afraid of offending me or other commenters because of opposing view points.  Your opinion counts too.

6. HTML Usage is enabled:

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7. Puppeteering Prohibited: Stick to one handle.  If you continue to change your persona without warning I will assume you have an ulterior motive, to cause confusion in the comments section.  This is not allowed.  You will be put on moderation.  Repeat offenders will be banned.

8.  Have Fun and Make Internet Friends!